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Publish Date: 12 August 2021 - 13:23
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Hey! Look After Us!

Kanoon published the life of various kinds of endangered animals in Iran in the form of eleven storybooks by Kanoon authors and illustrators. These books are sent to the market.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon published nine books from an eleven-volume collection titled “Hey! Look After Us!” for age category above nine with the supervision of Zohreh Parirokh. Children and adolescents get familiar with life of various types of animals getting extinct in Iran. Through the stories of this collection, they learn how and why these animals are going through such condition.
Iranian zebra, yellow deer, turtle, salamander, yellow crow, and Iranian leopard are among the endangered animals whose lives have become the basis of the stories in this collection.

After reading the stories, children learn how to support the environment and the living creatures in it. 
Zohreh Parirokh, Taherah Eibad, Minou Karimzadeh, Mohammad Reza Marzoughi, Sorour Kotobi, Mostafa Rahmandoost, the late Sousan Taghdis, Mohammad Reza Shams, and Farhad Hassanzadeh have authored nine volumes of the collection successively. 

Majid Kazemi is the graphist; Ali Khodaei have done the art supervision; the illustrators are Ali Nourpour, Majid Saberinejad, Fereshteh Jafarimand, Reza Maktabi, Babak Maktabi, Babak Amel Gharib, Parvin Heidarzadeh, Ali Nourpour, Sanaz Zamani, and Hadis Jazayeri.

Based on this, “Hurry Up!”, “Who Had Stuck the Letter on the Window?”, “Who?...Where?...and?”, “The Little Big Ear”, “Yellow Deer”, “Believe me, I am a Turtle!”, “Fear…Fear…Fear”, “The Last Yellow Crow of the Large Meadow”, and “Call me Salamander!” are the titles of the nine books. 

Two other volumes to be added to this collection are going through the last stages of page layout. They will soon be presented. 

These books are published in 2500 copies with 32 colorful pages for 25,000 Tomans.


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