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Publish Date: 23 August 2021 - 09:34
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Hey! Take Care of Iranian Zebra

The story of Iranian Zebra life as an endangered species is the theme of “Run, Run, Run” from the collection called “Hey! Look after us!” recently published by Kanoon written by Zohreh Parirokh and illustrated by Ali Nourpour.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Run, Run, Run” is the first volume of an eleven-volume collection which is about a group of zebras being run through by a cyclist, a cyclist who is intending to hunt them. The mother is trying to chase off and save one of the foals.

The audience for this book is children above nine. By reading this book, children come to know about the bitter life of zebras. At the heart of the story, they get familiar with some points about hunters of this rare species.

Along the story and through infographic of the appearance of zebras, the author gives some explanation about this creature.

Kanoon has recently published the book in 24 pages for 25,000 Tomans.

“Run, Run, Run” is published in 2500 copies with thick cover and on high quality paper sold at all Kanoon stores, also stores where cultural products are presented. The interested can purchase the book at

In recent weeks, Kanoon has published the life of endangered species of Iran in the form of 11 stories written by authors and illustrators of children and adolescents' books and sent to the book market.


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