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 Online Display of Six Movie-Theater by Hassan Dadshekar

Six movie-theaters by Hassan Dadshekar, a pioneer in the area of Children and Adolescents Theater, are displayed for the interested.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “The Old Man and the Tiger”, “The Story of Noghli”, “The Stranger Kid”, “Ashi Mashi, Little Sparrow”, “Neither Ugly, Nor Beautiful”, “New Legends”, are the titles of these shows displayed in the form of “Showing Shows” at

“Ashi Mashi, Little Sparrow”, produced in 1998 is written by Davood Kianian. After a while, Hassan Dadshekar took it to the stage in the form of Puppet Theater. It is about a sparrow that tries to get close to human beings though other birds recommend her not to…

Based on the news, “The Story of Noghli” written and directed by Hassan Dadshekar is produced in 2003. It is the story of a little clever and kind village boy who is going to visit his grandma but on the way, he comes across a forester. The forester reminds Noghli of the dangers in jungle and gives him a horn to blow whenever in danger for the forester to come to his rescue…

The live puppet theater, “The Stranger Kid” is the title of another theater directed by Hassan Dadshekar in 1999 written by Davood Kianian performed at Kanoon Theater Center now at hand via internet. 

“The Old Man and the Tiger” written by Ali Khakbazan and directed by Hassan Dadshekar in 2016 was staged at Kanoon Theater Center. The play is about a tiger that attacks the cattle in a village and hurts them. The villagers trap him. One day, a wise man, sights the tiger in a cage. He lets the tiger out of the cage because of his sobbing but…

“Neither Ugly, Nor Beautiful” is produced in 2004 written by Dadshekar. It is about a young boy called Khodadad who suffers from his ugly face. People make fun of him. He is trying to find out why he is ugly. By the help of a guru, he sets out towards the east to ask three wise men why he is ugly…

“New Legends”, written by Davood Kianian and directed by Hassan Dadshekar was produced at Kanoon Theater and Puppet Theater Production Center in 2011. It is the story of Basar, Loghman’s son who is a curious boy. Loghman teaches him how to achieve his wishes through play and drama.

Hassan Dadshekar started his artistic activities in 1971’s at Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. He has staged many plays for children and adolescents. 

“Showing Shows” project started at the beginning of 2019 at Kanoon Theater Center to support artists in this domain and to establish connections with the audience. More than 70 movie-theaters have been displayed at Kanoon website up to the present. 


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