The works of the participants at "Top Storytelling" section are going to be judged in the international section

Works by participants at “Top Storytelling” section of Kanoon 23rd International Storytelling Festival are going to be judged at international section.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Affairs and International Relations, the head of the committee of top storytellers added, “It was decided that the applicants who had uploaded their stories at the “Top Storytelling” section but were eliminated due to not reaching the quorum in case they are willing they can participate at the international section.” 

Vahid Khosravi continued, “In the 23rd International Storytelling Festival, the top storytelling was supposed to be held with special varieties for the first time but in the first stage, due to insufficient records sent were removed from the course.

Based on the news, the applicants who were having records of storytelling were allowed to participate in the “Top Storytelling” section. Or, those who could rank first to third in the national section or international or at prestigious festivals. 

The final stage of Kanoon 23rd International Storytelling Festival will be held on Yalda Night.


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