The Children of Iran Wrote a Letter to the Children of the World

Groups of Iranian children in an open letter addressed to their peers round the world have congratulated the International Children’s Day. They have wished peace and friendship instead of war and hatred for all children and people of the world.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, on the International Children’s Day and National Children’s Week, Kanoon authorities and the secretariat of National Children’s Week have written and sent this letter to the embassies in Tehran to reach children in other countries. 

You can read Iranian children letter to the children of the world below:

We, Iranian Kids, say hello to all Kids from all over the world. We are the ones who are the sweetness of life as grownups say. The ones who wish us to be always happy and nothing blemish our dreams. However, our world gets blemished when grownups do not pay attention to us. Then, our smiles get tarnished. 

We all love and we want no fight and war among people and countries in the world. We love “Peace”. We love kindness and happiness. We love gifting and getting gifted. We love smiling at each other. We love peace and friendship. We want all to look alike with smiling faces. 

Why we must be sacrificed because grownups are in war? We detest words like anger, enmity, crying, war and fight. We even do not want to write these words in our dictations. Whenever we see hungry kids in the world, we hate eating food. We want all kids to be happy all over the world. We want them to have clothes, food, and enjoy themselves. We want all children go to school and have education. We want grownups listen to our words.

We are willing to have grownups draw paintings with the theme of reconciliation and friendship. We are kids and we would like to tell grownups if you are wish us to believe that you love us be kind and in good terms with each other. If you love us, throw away all your guns and listen to us.

We love the world to be a place where we can sing happily. We want grownups not to do things that make our eyes wet and break our hearts. Grownups must keep in mind that if they are going to build a happy world for kids, they must be kind to each other like us. 

We love those who love kids and spend time on them. We pray for all grownups to have the kind God as their friend so that they would help us. With hope for the happy life days with happy childhood mood.

National Children's Week and memorandum of Martyr Ali Landi, the sacrificing adolescent from Izeh, is held from Oct 8 to 14 all over Iran.


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