National Children's Week Teaser was Prepared with English Subtitles

National Children's Week teaser was produced and released with English subtitles to introduce National Children's Week to the audience and to be used by them in a better way.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Shabrang Studio has made this teaser with an eye on children’s different conditions during the last two years.

Based on the news, motion design technique and two-dimension animation is used to make the teaser. The process of image narration is changing from beginning to end based on the variety of colors, rhythms and movements.

In this teaser, it is pointed out that in the last two years, due to the spread of coronavirus and quarantine of children, their normal life has faced many challenges. Although we still needs to be careful, life goes on. We must experience "Joyful Childhood" and spread and publish the "Colorful Livinghood" as much as we can.

 Based on this, it is emphasized in another part of the teaser that all our future is our children. It is our duty to pay attention to kids and realize their conditions. 


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