Messages of Congratulations from India and France Dedicated to Iranian Children

Lalit Rao, member of the jury of the FIPRESCI International Award held by the International Federation of Film Critics from India and Ms. Agnès Devictor, researcher, Sorbonne University professor and cinema critic, from France have separately sent video messages on National Children’s Week and have congratulated this week to Iranian children.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, simultaneously with the National Children’s Week in Iran, individuals and practitioners of children's art and culture from all over the world have sent separate messages to Iranian children, calling this event important and asking them to take advantage of this opportunity as a chance to live happily.

Ms. Agnes Devictor in her pictorial message has addressed children: What a good program! “Joyful Childhood, Colorful Livinghood”. Sometimes some shadows may cover your childhood, discolor it and the pleasant color of your life.

If such happening takes place to you, I know a minor remedy for you. One simple medication, but the one that can affect your life greatly. “Only Watch a Film”. I recommend you to watch “The Runner” by Amir Naderi. This movie is a reviving breath and gives you pleasant feelings. You are very lucky that this movie is made for you by an Iranian director called Amir Naderi and Kanoon as the producer.

Lalit Rao starts his message to children this way, “Dear kids, childhood is the best period of life. In no period of life, you can enjoy life like childhood. That is why childhood is the best part of life. You can discover so many things about life and various themes in your childhood.

Therefore, I tell you use your childhood in the best way you can. Be creative and find good friends to stay with you all through your life. This member of the jury for FIPRESCI Award expresses his idea about “Colorful Livinghood” and says, “For me colors go back to my different feelings. Therefore, I keep my good feelings and avoid negative feelings. I hope you enjoy National Children’s Week.”

National Children’s Week is held in Iran from Oct 8 to 14, 2021 while the outbreak of Corona has caused various events to take place virtually. Meanwhile, the organizers of this cross-country happening have tried to combine the online and in-person programs in open spaces of cities to take care of children’s conditions and their mental health. 


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