Following Worldwide Congratulations for National Children’s Week

Directors of Children’s Film Festivals in Seattle and the International Children and Youth Film Festival of “Colors of the World” from Russia congratulated Iranian children for National Children’s Week.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Ms. Elizabeth Shepard, director of Children’s Film Festival Seattle and Ms. Elena Kurilova, director of International Children and Youth Festival “Colors of the World”, Russia have sent messages of congratulations for National Children’s Week. 

This is the summary of Elizabeth Shepard’s message:

Hello. This is Elizabeth Shepard. I would like to say hello to all kids who are at Kanoon today. I know the works being created at Kanoon and Iran are very beautiful. Here,you have made many children’s lives and their spirits happy with your beautiful films. Therefore, I am grateful to you. I dedicate my warmest greetings to all of you and wish you the most beautiful program of National Children’s Week. 

The summary of Elena Kurilova’s message to Iranian children:

My name is Elena Kurilova and I represent the International Children and Youth Festival "Colors of the World"

I am glad that in this difficult time adults were able to organize such an event of international importance for you! 

We say in Russia: Childhood is a happy time and I agree with that!

Enjoy this opportunity, study with all your dedication, develop, dare, try yourself in different fields, in different hobbies, look for any opportunity to realize your talents.

Do not forget about love: do everything with love in your heart and treat each other with love and attention.  It will give you a feeling of Joy and Happiness.

Happiness is also simple things: to have parents, good friends who understand and accept you, to be in harmony with the world, to experience the feeling of the Joy of Being!  And do good deeds!

And of course, as they say here in Russia: Happiness is a peaceful sky above your head, this is Peace in the whole World!!!

I wish you success, Joy and Happiness both in this Week and in your future life. 

And most importantly: do not forget to be grateful: to God, your family, parents, adults who organize such events for you and create other opportunities ... since Gratitude opens all doors ...


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