Displaying Animation Collection of “Bahador’s Small World”( Le Petit Monde de Bahador) at France Festival

An Animation collection titled “Bahador’s Small World” (Le Petit Monde de Bahador) produced by Kanoon is displayed at Festival du Cinema Iranien de Chantilly, France.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this fifty-five collection includes three short animations titled “Bahador” directed by Abdollah Alimorad, “Companion” directed by the late Safar Ali Asgharzadeh, and “Returning Home” directed by Behzad Farahat.

In 2006, “Whippet” distributing company publically displayed the 35 mm copy of animation collection of “Bahador’s Small World” for children above three and their families for the first time. 

Based on this news, “Bahador”, Kanoon production in 2000 dubbed into French and with more than 30 international appearances has won the award for the best short film from the Cannes Junior at 54th Cannes Film Festival; Golden Fish from Moscow Festival (Gold Fish);  WisKids Award from Wisconsin Film Festival; the Grand Award from Travelling Rennes Film Festival; the winner of the commendation plaque for the best subject and technique of making an animated film from Roshd  Film Festival and the honorary diploma by special children's films critics from International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Isfahan has a brilliant record in its brilliant record.

Festival du Cinema Iranien de Chantilly is held internationally with Iran-France Center as the initiator with the cooperation of Chantilly Municipality, The Grand Palace complex of this city, Senlis Municipality, Sorbonne University and with the support of five art organizations and cinema companies from Iran. It is Iran Cinema Festival is held from Nov. 4 to 7, 2021 in Chantilly, France.


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