Kanoon Animations are Displayed in France

Four short Kanoon animations and two movies are screened in France in a collection called “Oh My God! I Have Made a New Friend.” in the Second Festival of “New Images of Iran” (Nouvelles Images d’Iran).

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this collection includes “Scarecrow’s Heart” directed by Gholamreza Kazzazi; “Kind Moon” directed by Nazanin Sobhan Sarbandi; “Simple Things 4 and 5” made by Behzad Farahat all produced by Kanoon Cinematic Affairs. The films in this collection are about happiness and friendship collected by the French Distributor “Whippet”. 

“Oh My God! I Have Made a New Friend.” is screened on Nov. 10, 2021 in the Second Festival of New Images of Iran (Nouvelles Images d’Iran) in the cultural center of Vitre, France. 

Whippet Company publically screened this collection for the first time in 2016. In the introduction of the festival, it is explained that these films help us to realize the enjoyment of the discovery of a new friend.  

“Pyracantha”, an animation from Iran by Negareh Halimi, “The Tie” made by An Vrombaut, a director from Belgium, are other films of this collection.  

The Second Festival of “New Images from Iran” (Nouvelles Images d’Iran) is held from Nov 10 to 14, 2021 in Vitre, France.


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