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Publish Date: 28 November 2021 - 09:10
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The Yazdi Child’s Endeavors to Save Iranian King-Fox

“The Little Big Ear” is story written by Mohammad Reza Marzoughi and illustrated by Reza Maktabi that narrates the story of the life of Iranian king-fox as one of the animals getting extinct.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon Publications has sent this book to the book market in a collection called “Hey, Look After Us!”

This book is the fourth volume from an eleven-volume collection with a story about a little fox living in Yazd, in the yard of a house and with a small boy. The fox eats only fruit; but the family thinks that it is him who is eating their hens and the animals; so, they are intending to sell him; the small boy who knows others are wrong tries to prove them that this little creature is not hurting others.

By reading “The Little Big Ear”, the child gets close to the nature and gains some information about this animal getting extinct.

The author gives information about fox’s life and the type of food they eat. This book is suitable for age category above nine. It familiarizes the addressee with life and characteristics of this species.

Books in this collection are about life of various types of creatures in Iran getting extinct written and illustrated by Kanoon authors and illustrators published by Kanoon Publications.


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