Iranian Illustrators Won “Belgrade Golden Pen”

“Mohammad Hossein Matak” and “Majid Zakeri” won the award of 51st round of Belgrade Golden Pen. Six Kanoon books illustrators’ works made way to the 16th International Biennial of Illustration 2021.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the grand prize of Golden Pen of this round was given to Nikolina RadulvicVelic from Serbia. “Mohammad Hossein Matak” the illustrator of “Which is Better, Cookie or Friend?”, a Kanoon production, and “Majid Zakeri” both from Iran along with “Jozef Pevolka” from Slovakia are the winners of 51st Belgrade “Golden Pen”. 

Three other illustrators from Serbia won the plaque of the competition. 

Based on the news, 108 works by illustrators from various countries have arrived at Belgrade 16th International Biennial of Illustration out of which 31 are illustrators from Iran.

Out of 31 Iranian illustrators, six illustrators for Kanoon books titled: “The Story of Autumn Crocus” by Delaram Faghani; Which is Better, Cookie or Friend?” by Mohammad Hossein Matak; “A Dove on the Veranda” by Parisa Aslan Khani; “Panbehdooneh and Snowy Night’s Mah Tutus” by Ghazal Fathollahi; “A Jacket for Eilia” by Pegah Derakhshani; “Am I Asleep or Awake?” by Samaneh Salavati have made way to the catalog of The 16th International Biennial of Illustration, 2021.

The image on the catalog is illustrated by Noushin Sadeghian, the winner of the previous round, and pages of the catalog are devoted to introduce this Iranian illustrator. 

Illustrations by Noushin Sadeghian for “The Faraway”, a book published by Kanoon, can be seen on the page of introducing this artist. Based on the news, Belgrade Biennial Illustration Competition is held by The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia. This art event includes all sorts of illustrating: for books, magazines, newspapers, animations, and other types of digital media. 

The 16th International Biennial of Illustration coincided with 51st “Golden Pen” of Belgrade held with illustrators participating from all over the world. 


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