Do Not Hunt the “Persian Fallow Deer”

“Persian Fallow Deer” is a book written by Soror Kotobi, illustrated by Babak Amel Gharib. It is the story of the life of Persian fallow deer getting extinct due to irregular hunting.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon Publications has published this book in a collection called “Hey,Take Care of Us!”
This book is the fifth volume of an eleven-volume collection. It is the story of a group of animals living in a jungle experiencing a dangerous life. They are trying to prepare conditions to have danger-free life.

With the stories and images, this collection familiarizes children with animals and teaches them why these creatures’ lives are in danger.

By reading these stories, children learn how to look after the environment and the creatures living in it.

The author points out the reasons why the “Persian Fallow Deer” is getting extinct. It gives some information on the living environment of these creatures.

In the collection "Hey, Take Care of Us!” the life of endangered animal species in Iran are written and illustrated in the form of 11 stories published by Kanoon Publications.


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