Children and Adolescent Committee of Fajr Decade Headquarters Announced Special Programs

Children and Adolescent Committee of Fajr Decade Headquarters Announced Special Programs for the 43rd Anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran Victory.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), Madreseh Publications, Radio Iran, Omid and Pooya TV Networks, the social assistant of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, National Organization for Child Education and Social Assistant of State Welfare Organization of Iran (SWO) are the members of Children and Adolescent Committee of Fajr Decade Headquarters.

Based on this report, during Fajr Decade days ten theater-movie and ten animations are displayed free of charge through an internet program called “Every Day One Theater and One Film”.

Special programs called “Celebrating the Light” are performed at Kanoon Theater and Puppet Theater Production Center called “Celebrating the Light”. It includes environmental shows, competitions, and joyful programs in the open area of Kanoon Theater Center; “Flower….” is performed at centers  looking after children, hospitals and suburban areas of Tehran; “A Lovely Night” is performed for the respected martyrs’ families and veterans’ families free of charge at Kanoon Theater and Puppet Theater Production Center.

Iran Language Institute is going to hold book-reading competition with theme of Iran Islamic Revolution in English for English Language learners.

Also, Kanoon Basij celebrates the anniversary of the victory of the Revolution by establishing a Kanoon mobile theater along the marching route on February 11, 2022 by performing plays, films and donating cultural packages to children and adolescents.

Narrating stories produced by Kanoon with the theme of Islamic Revolution Events are among other announced programs by Children and Adolescents Committee of Fajr Decade Headquarters.

Equipping ten libraries in deprived regions of the country; %20 discount at all Kanoon stores and centers; holding grand book reading competition; unveiling 22 new Kanoon books; unveiling one new audio-book and announcing the new plan for publishing books based on the demand (Print on Demand) at Kanoon as the first Iranian publication employing this method are other programs announced by Madreseh Publications.

Other programs during Fajr Decade are: Holding various cultural, art and literal exhibition of works by Kanoon members and trainers in various cities; holding cultural, art and literal Mehrvareh for storytelling, declamation, poetry, calligraphy with the theme of Revolution in various provinces; gifting books, toys, stationary, and cultural products to children living in deprived areas.

Provincial committees are going to perform various programs during Fajr Decade, 2022. The programs like opening village mobile libraries, opening cultural-art centers, holding specialized virtual meetings with the theme of revolutionary characters, Kanoon mobile theater in the form of “Messenger of Hope”, the presence of Kanoon Mobile Lorry in deprived regions, holding interactive programs with Kanoon members virtually and in-person; and performing special programs with the contribution of national media in various cities.


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