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Publish Date: 13 February 2022 - 08:57
Poster for Kanoon 7th National Toy Festival was Unveiled

The poster for Kanoon 7th National Toy Festival with the design of a rainbow was unveiled.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the designer of poster for this round of the festival said, “According to the routine of previous periods, which was designed and conceptualized with the presence of the main character and symbol of the Poster Festival, for the seventh period, the main idea I had in mind was to combine number seven from the same festival symbol with a seven-color rainbow; in a way that every symbol is depicted in one of the colors of the rainbow.”

Farbod Taali added, “Given the current state of the society, passing through the terrible wave of Covid-19, and promoting the culture of adherence to health practices in families and society; like last year and by flying the motto of the festival (Hand in Hand towards Future), I was intending to produce a feeling of hope and attention to a bright future after this period.”

He continued, “Having an eye to a bright and promising future, the poster motto and image are moving on the path of health and thriving on the seven-color rainbow of the festival.”

Taali reminded those other elements like colorful ribbons and various toys like seven-color pinwheel, ball, airplane, train and car shown on the rainbow all are symbols and signs to create a current feeling in the National Toy Festival.

At the end, the poster designer of the toy festival expressed his hope to see fruitful festivals again, considering the current situation in the country and overcoming the pandemic, the 7th National Toy Festival has taken steps to elevate the country's toy industry with brilliant achievements and do its best to build a bright future for the children of our country. 

Aidin Mehdizadeh is the secretary of Kanoon 7th National Toy Festival.


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