“Believe me, I am a Turtle” Written by Mostafa Rahmandoost was Published

“Believe me, I am a Turtle” written by Mostafa Rahamndoost and illustrated by Parvin Heydarzadeh is the story of a Euphrates turtle.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon Publications has sent this book to the book market with ten copies of collection called “Hey, Take Care of Us!”

This book is the sixth book from an eleven-volume collection which is about a turtle trapped in a fisherman’s net trying to survive.

“Believe me, I am a Turtle” is the story of fishermen who goes to the sea. The little narrator of the story is accompanying them. A green turtle with a soft shell is trapped in a fisherman’s net. The fisherman is going to kill it since he thinks that it eats the fish and tears the fishermen’s net. The boy of the story asks him not to kill the turtle. The turtle explains that its name is Karoon Turtle and it only eats dead fish. That all are have wrong impression about it.

By reading the book, children get closer to the nature. At the same time, they get some information about this endangered animal.

The author provides the audience with some information about the lifestyle, nutrition and characteristics of Euphrates turtle. The book is for the age category above 9.


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