The Kid from Ahvaz Ranked First at Visual Arts Competition of Louis François

Badge of Honor, the first prize of the International Competition of Visual Arts "Louis François" in France was awarded to a Kanoon artist member; 12 other Kanoon members received honorary diplomas.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this round of France Visual Arts Competition was held in 2020 with the theme of “The Earth: Today and… Tomorrow?”

 Parmida Azadian, 11, Kanoon member from Ahvaz in Khuzestan Province, could win a badge of honor and the first prize of this competition.

Faranak Pourali, 16 from Larestan in Fars Province; Ava Kosari, 9 from Kanoon Center for Cultural-Art Creations in Tehran; Mohammad Reza Rezaei, 10, and Milad Sadeghi, 18, from Kanoon Center No. 5 in Ardebil Province; Ahmad-Hassan Hasheminejad, 8, from Kerman Province; Kiandokht Azizi, 5, from Lahijan in Gilan Province; Rojan Marjani, 4, from Kanoon Center No. 2 from Gorgan in Golestan Province; Parnia Azami, 10, from Kanoon Center No. 9 in Kermanshah Province; Baran Ghaderirad, 12, from Kanoon Center No. 1 in Kermanshah Province; Sarina Rabei Hamedani, 13, from Khuzestan Province; Zahra Javaheri, 10, from Hamedan Province; Chida Ghorbani, 9, from Loumar in Ilam Province received honorary diploma.

It is to be noted that Kanoon participated in the Louis François International Visual Arts Competition in France in 2020 with 269 works.


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