Hey Kids! “Iranian Cheetah” is on the Verge of Extinction

“Fear…Fear…Fear…” is a story by Susan Taghdis illustrated by Ali Nourpour which narrates the story of the life of Iranian cheetah getting extinct due to people carelessness and insecure living environment.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon Publications has sent this book to the book market with ten other volumes in a selection called “Hey, Take Care of Us!”

The seventh volume of this collection is the story of a little cheetah. He thinks the world is only playing and being with the family when suddenly everything changes. Fire and fear occupy everywhere. The little cheetah must find a way to escape. This book is a narration of environment, lack of security for animals’ life and the danger of these animals getting extinct.

The author of the book mentions the important role of foresters in preserving the species getting extinct.


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