“Sprayer”, A Kanoon Animation, is Displayed at International Festivals

The ten-minute animation, “Sprayer” written and directed by Farnoush Aabedi, is supposed to be screened at six international film festivals.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Sprayer” is going to be internationally presented at the beginning of September 2022.

It is supposed to be displayed at the following festival:  

“Wildsnound” in Canada on Sept 10, Prague International Film Festival, Czech Republic on 17 and 18 of September, “Wasteland Film Festival”, USA, from Sept 22 to 24.

At the largest animation festival in Denmark called Viborg from Sept 26 to Oct , At Torino Underground Cinefest, Italy from Sept 27 to Oct 5, At The Pigeon International Festival, Iceland from Oct 13 to 16.

This animation is made with 3D technique. In the summary of the story we read: At a devastated land, over an unclear future, an army of sprayers are ruling the land on which the growth of any flower and plant is forbidden. One of the soldiers, through a boy, comes to know a group that take care of plants secretly.

The crew of “Sprayers” include: Scriptwriter and Director: Farnoush Aabedi; Producer: Kanoon; Executive Director: Mohammad Reza Karimi Saremi; Produced at “Negative Art Studio”; Art Director: Farnoush Aabedi; Character Designer: Mohsen Abdolali; Director Assistant: Pegah Fardyar; Animator: Farnoush Aabedi and Pegah Fardyar; Sound and Music: Soroush Aabedi; Editing: Reza Eslami and Farnoush Aabedi; Light, Render, and Composite: Fereidoun Borouji; Background Artist: Mohammad Reza Hamidi and Mohsen Abdolali.

 Also, on the eve of the presentation of the animation "Sprayer" in international festivals, the poster of this animation was also unveiled.


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