The 24th International Storytelling Festival Poster Published

The poster for Kanoon 24th International Storytelling Festival was published. Abolfazl Maleki is the designer.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Abolfazl Maleki, the designer of this round of the festival poster said, “The idea of the poster was inspired by the motto of the festival: ‘Tale is the Voice of Life’.”

Pointing at the windows on the poster, he continued, “The narrator’s voice, either interior or exterior, it creates an image in our mind which is window to life. In fact, tales and stories are windows which show us other sceneries of life. They sometimes take us to other times and places to present facts through narration.

Maleki added, “Tales and stories help all to view the scenery and have their own perception.”

He emphasized that, “Iranian and foreign stories are used in designing the poster of the festival. Characters like “Little Prince”, “Hassan, the Bald”, and crow that is a character of a story called “Fox and Crow” used as the symbol of Kanoon Storytelling Festival for years.”

At the end, Abolfazl Maleki said, “The design of the festival poster, from ideation to final execution, was completed under the guidance and artistic direction of Ahmad Maleki and her other colleagues and visual designers at Shabrang Studio. The illustrations of the poster characters were done by Samira Khanzadeh, and of course, the cooperation and companionship of Cultural deputy of Kanoon, Mohammad Godarzi Dehrizi (festival director),  the public relations staff of Kanoon and the festival also helped us in this direction.”  

Kanoon 24th International Storytelling Festival will be held coincidentally with Yalda night.


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