Call for Painting Competition from China Called “Mythos Land”

Iranian children and adolescents are going to depict the beauty, culture, customs, and traditions of China under the theme of “Mythos Land” in a painting completion.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this competition is the outcome of cooperation between Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon) and the Embassy of Republic of China in Tehran. Children can participate in two age groups: 7 to 11 (Children) and 12 to 16 (Adolescents).

With the cooperation of Kanoon, the embassy of China held a painting exhibition with the theme of “Flying of Dreams” at the same time the winter Olympic games were being held in Beijing in 2021. Now, with the aim of providing a ground for identifying and flourishing the artistic creativity of children and adolescents, strengthening relations, promoting friendship and empathy between Iran and China, the embassy is organizing the National Painting Festival of Children and Adolescents.

Main themes of the painting competition are: “Mythos Land”, “Houses and Streets in China”, “Nature and Beauty of China”, “Historical Monuments and Tourism in China”, “The Chinese”, “Chinese Myths”, “China Traditions Customs, and Culture”, “Chinese Children”, “China Art and Literature”, “Cultural and Historical Commonalities between Iran and China”.

Based on this, the size of participants’ works must be 50 × 70 cm with open (free) technique, without using embossed collage technique and sent to the announced address by Nov 26, 2022.  It is supposed to receive, summarize, and register the works in the secretariat until December 6, judge the works (December 11), announce the results and the names of the winners (December 15), send awards and acknowledge the winners (December 31), hold an exhibition of the selected works from December 31 to January 30, and the book of selected works will be published until December 31.

Call for Painting Competition from China Called “Mythos Land”


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