Lebanese Culture Minister Congratulates National Children's Week

Lebanese Culture Minister Mohammad Wissam al-Mortezai congratulated the international day and National Children’s Week in a message sent to Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mohammad Wissam al-Mortazai starts his message with the motto of National Children's Week, "Joyful Childhood, Colorful Livinghood", it is stated:

Dear brothers and friends

Badawi al-Jabal, the great Syrian poet, has a long ode, some of which are as follows:

Oh Lord, swearing by the pure hearts of children

Spread the grace of peace to the east and west

Oh Lord, take away suffering and sorrow from the people

If they are thankful, forgive their faults

Oh Lord, preserve children's smiles

If their smile runs through a sand land, flowers grow out.

Perhaps the concepts of these poetic verses are like precious provisions of the International Convention of Children’s Rights. We live in a world that is highly chanted and less enforced.

 Slogans are attractive but when it comes to practicality, they do the opposite, that is why the world does not get the opportunity to achieve peace until the political and economic problems cause the children innocence to be seen.

If children are not seen as innocent, how can their demands be met?

Children have the right to secure their future. Securing the future of these children is realized by strengthening religious and human foundations. We must put children's rights on top of our agenda.

As the Prophet did and allowed his two descendants (Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein (pbuh) to mount on his blessed back during prostration; when some wanted to prevent them, he allowed them to be there until his prayer ended. Then, he put his grandchildren on his knees, and thus taught Muslims that children's play, even in the position of prayer, is blessed and worthy.

I appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a friendly and brotherly country, for their efforts regarding children.

We must not neglect the fate and persecution faced by the Zionist occupiers in many Arab and Islamic countries, especially in Palestine.

The brutal crimes and tortures of the occupying regime against children and their families are unprecedented in history, but the world, which calls itself the Free World, ignores these inhumane crimes and unfortunately sometimes justifies it.

It should be noted that these children show self-courage, understanding and patriotism, and do not hesitate to defend themselves and the sanctity. They defend the privacy of religion and the homeland by shouting, stone and chop.


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