Three Kanoon Books are Going to Nicaragua as the Ambassadors of Friendship

Kanoon General Manager in a meeting with three ministers of education, family and youth from Nicaragua announced Kanoon readiness to transfer Kanoon’s knowledge and experience to this country.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Hamed Alamati in a meeting held in Shahid Rajai Building belonging the ministry of education, first explained Kanoon’s activities and capacities for cooperation; and then, he announced Kanoon readiness to transfer this knowledge and experience to Nicaragua.

In this meeting, attended by Yousef Nouri, minister, and members of the Council of Deputy Ministers of Ministry of Education were present, Hamed Alamati granted the copyright of three Kanoon books in Spanish on behalf of Iranian children to Nicaraguan children. The three books are: “The Ice who Loved the Sun”, “Goodbye, Old Raccoon” and “The Eleventh Step”. These books can be published in the geographical area of ​​that country and be available to the audience of these works.

Alamati asked the ministers of Nicaragua to provide Kanoon with the book, “Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution” written by Ernesto Cardenal, an outstanding author, to Kanoon to be translated and published in Iran.

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere and welcomed by Johana Vanessa Flores Jiménez, Minister of Family; Lilliam Esperanza Herrera Moreno, Minister of Education and Lucien Nahima Guevara Agüero, Minister of Youth of the Republic of Nicaragua.

At the beginning of this meeting, Fatemeh Sandgol, a ninth-grade student and a member of Tehran center, told the guests in Spanish that the Nicaraguan ministers were surprised by the quality of her language conversation.

This meeting was held on January 21, 2023 at Ministry of Education.


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