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Publish Date: 4 July 2023 - 09:00
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“The Sprayer” Awards Reached 149

With receiving the honorary award by the jury of Utah Arts Festival in USA, the number of awards obtained by “The Sprayer” reached 149.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “The Sprayer”, an animation by Farnoush Abedi produced by Kanoon, has received numerous awards from various festivals.

Film Festival New Jersey, 2023 (Winner Best Animated Film), Films for the Forest, 2023 (Winner Animated Shorts), Ignite Film Festival Swindon UK 2023 (Winner Best Short Animated), Off The Reel Film Fest PA USA 2023 (Winner Best Animation), Space Brains SciFi Film Festival WA Australia 2023 (Winner Best Short Film), Blacksphere International Audiovisual and Multimedia Festival Javorník Czech Republic 2023 (Winner Best Animated Short Film).

Thus far, 10 awards from Great Britain, 1 award from Peru, 4 awards from India, 18 awards from Italy, 5 awards from Brazil, 4 awards from Spain, 44 awards from USA, 2 awards from South Korea, 2 awards from Serbia, 2 awards from Turkey, 1 award from Russia, 1 award from Austria, 1 award from Taiwan, 3 awards from France, 4 awards from Mexico, 3 awards from Greece, 1 award from Ukraine, 1 award from Sweden, 1 award from Bulgaria, 1 award from Ecuador, 1 award from Georgia, 6 awards from Canada, 1 award from Morocco, 1 award from Germany, 2 awards from Romania, 10 awards from Australia, 3 awards from Venezuela, 2 awards from the Philippines, 1 award from the Netherlands, 2 awards from the Czech Republic and 1 award from the Dominican Republic have been registered for "Sprayer".

This animation is about a land where the growth of any kind of flowers and plants is prohibited; an army called "Sprayer" is responsible for maintaining and hunting plants and those who take care of them. The story has a science fiction atmosphere; a destroyed city encounters the Utopia. In this ruined city, there is a no so bright future; the life path of one of these soldiers changes after meeting a small plant.


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