“Marvelous Quoting of Gord Afarid” on Saint Petersburg Stage

“Marvelous Quoting of Gord Afarid” directed by Rahmatollah Amini was staged at the 33rd Baltic House International Theater Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Marvelous Quoting of Gord Afarid” is produced by Kanoon Center for Theater and Puppetry. It was staged on Oct 12, 2923 at Baltic International Theater Festival in Saint Petersburg and was welcomed by the audience.

Later, about his participating at this festival, Rahmat Amini said, “After the play being performed, Fatemeh Parchagani and I held a workshop about Iranian Quoting.

He continued, “Kanoon has produced “Marvelous Quoting of Gord Afarid” which has been performed in many international festivals for traditional and ceremonial plays.”

The director explained, “This work is a female quoting and is a combination of traditional and stage form of quoting. Sahar Haghshenas is acting in this play as the sole player.

The story is adopted from the precious book, The Shahnameh, by Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi accompanied by music, song and some poetry from The Shahnameh that narrates Gord Afarid’s epic creating, the Iranian warrior fighting the enemy when attacked Iran.

Fouzieh Gharagozlouie is the author and Fatemeh Parchakani is the international consultant for this play. Javad Kavandi in song and Alisina Rezania in music were the ones who cooperated with this project.

The 33rd Baltic House International Theater Festival is being held in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


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