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Publish Date: 13 November 2023 - 08:22
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Kanoon Animations are Being Displayed at Nantes Three Continents Festival, France

Three short Kanoon animations are selected to be screened at side section of Nantes Three Continents Festival: “The Rainbow Fish”, “Shangoul and Mangoul”, and “Lili Lili Little Pool”.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the side section of this festival is called First Steps Towards the 3 Continents is going to show a selection of movies from Iran, Brazil and Senegal for children above 3 and their families.

Based on this, the collection of story  “Mother Hen” including three short animations “The Rainbow Fish” directed by Farkhondeh Torabi, “Shangoul and Mangoul” directed by Farkhondeh Torabi and Seid Morteza Ahadi, “Lili Lili Little Pool” directed by the late Vajihollah Fardmoghadam produced successively in 1996, 1999, 1992 coming into attention of Nantes Three Continents Festival again.

In the explanation for choosing these Kanoon animations we read: Three stories abundant in delicacy and emotions with the theme of family whose protagonists are fabric, wool, or cut papers. A magic world inspired by Iranian traditions.

Nantes Three Continents is a spot for discovering talents, recognizing and meeting artists and exchanging ideas and opinions of cinema lovers and fans. After Cann Film Festival, this festival is reckoned as the largest cinmatography festival in France.

Nantes Three Continents Festival is being held 27 Nov to 3rd Dec, 2023.


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