“The Ocean Behind the Window”  Made Way to the Competition Section of Toronto Film Festival, Canada

The feature film, “The Ocean Behind the Window”, produced by Kanoon, entered the competition section of the 9th Cyrus International Film Festival (CineIran Festival).

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the first film directed by Babak Nabizadeh is going to compete with other films made way to the competition section of Cyrus International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. This festival is known as Cineiran Festival, as well.

“The Ocean Behind The Window” is supposed to be displayed on Dec 16, 2023.

This festival is established in 2015 with efforts of a number of film critique and the interested in Iran’s cinema in Toronto. It is welcomed by the Iranians and non-Iranians community living in Toronto. It turned into a well-known popular international film festival in Toronto.

“The Ocean Behind the Ocean” is the story of poor children living in an island in south of Iran. They are going to attract tourists to their small island through a carnival they have made by the music and traditional ceremonies of their neighborhood.

“The Ocean Behind the Window” is produced in Qeshm Island, Hengam Island, and some villages in Hormozgan Province with Kanoon as the producer in 2019.

The crew are:  Author and Director: Babak Nabizadeh, Producer: Seid Jalal Chavoshian , Executive Director: Mohammad Reza Karimi Saremi, Production Manager: Mehdi Madadkar,  Production Support in Hormozgan: Parviz Salari and Yousef Ranjbar, Filming Managers: Hamid Mehr Afrooz, Hafez Ahmadi, Editing: Kaveh Imani, Costume and Set Designing: Majid Ali Eslam, Sound Recording: Jafar Alian, Dubbing: Mehryar Yazdani Nia, Make Up: Daruosh Salehian and Hashem Jouri, Photographer: Mostafa Mahdavi, Teaser: Mohammad Amin Ramezanifar, Color and Light Edition: Ali Shahriari,  Titling: Hossein Jamali.

Cast: Mohammad Azadi, Jafar Ghasemi, Hadiseh Karami, Mehran Mozzafari, Hossein Ghanbari, Gholam Ranjbar, Hassan Zakeri, Bahram Komeijani, Kiana Ranjbar, Ayoub Rahimi, Seid Taher Azizpour

 The 9th yearly CineIran Festival is held from 15 to 17 Dec 2023 in Toronto, Canada.


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