The most beautiful Norwegian book for Iranian children was "The Hole"

Norway most beautiful children book titled “The Hole” (2013) was translated and published by Kanoon.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the book is written and illustrated by Oyvind Torseter who is a prominent artist in illustration and creating comic books, the one who has created many pictorial books. Zahra Ahmadi was the translated. The book is suitable for children above 9.

The author and the illustrator of the book has made a real hole in the book found on all the pages of the book which surprises the readership of any age. The main character of this creative book is moving to a new home when he suddenly sees a hole on the wall and since it is moving he cannot ignore it.

Fortunately, he finds somewhere to call to ask for help. They ask him to bring the hole to their place! This is when the readership smiles…

While going through the book, the readership notices that there are many holes on various parts of the city.

While taking this matter seriously, the author and the illustrator of the book makes a joke about it. If a “hole” means “absence” or “emptiness” or “problem” or whatever it is called, it is the opposite of “the vulgarity of false positive thinking”. He refuses to see everything as great and fantastic.

This book is a pictorial masterpiece which managed to win Norway award for the most beautiful book in 2013. The book is a chance for parents to have dialog with children and of course for the readership to spend time with no hurry and for hours with images and their details.

In one part of the book we read: “Hello, I have found a hole in my flat which moves! Yes… Can you take a look at it? No! What? Bring it to you? How? Hello? Hello?”

This book is published by Kanoon following copyright and official permission by Cappelen Damm Publisher in Norway.

The most beautiful Norwegian book for Iranian children was "The Hole"


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