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Publish Date: 28 January 2024 - 13:19
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Aydin Kazemizad Won the Akademia Music Awards of US Festival

Aydin Kazemizad won America Akademia Music Award for “Hajastam O Vajastam” Album.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this prestigious international award is presented to Iran music in children category for the first time.

Aydin Kazemizad has said, “This album is the result of years of endeavor, study and my experience training and teaching music to children, movement and game with the goal of rearing various skills and abilities in children. On the other side, it is the outcome of making and arranging numerous functional music for them.

He added, “I tried to compose and arrange the music of this album based on the children’s views about music and the type of their needs; also, the knowledge I had about children’s music worldwide. I am happy that the outcome of my endeavors was obtaining honor for my country in children music. I hope that this result will be a turning point in the production of world-class music in Iran for Iranian children.”

On the award given to Kazemizad it is written, “This buoyant Album from Aydin Kazemizad is the kind of children’s music many of us unconsciously sought out long ago. “Hajastam O Vajastam” is a heartfelt masterpiece with phenomenal guitar and instrumental styling.”

Aydin Kazemizad is invited to the award ceremony in 2025, Gala. Kazemizad had previously received a prestigious award from Global Music Awards.

The audio album of “Hajastam O Vajastam” versed by Mostafa Rahmandoust and composed and arranged by Aydin Kazemizad produced for the age category above 4.

Aydin Kazemizad Won the Akademia Music Awards of US Festival


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