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Publish Date: 8 February 2020 - 09:24
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Performing “Cinnamon Muffins” Directed by Maryam Kazemi at Kanoon

“Cinnamon Muffins” directed by Maryam Kazemi is being staged by independent group theater again at Kanoon Cinema-Theater Hall.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Cinnamon Muffins” written by David Wood and translated by Hossein Fadaiehossein with Hossein Mohebahari performing in the play was staged for the first time at Kanoon Theater Center in 2014. It is going to be staged again at Kanoon Cinema-Theater Hall located at Vozara St.

This play is performed everyday but Saturdays from 7 pm for families. The morning performance is for schools and kindergartens.

The independent theater group has announced the actors and the new performing group. Seid Javad Zeitouni, Maryam Kazemi, Houman Rahnemoun, Erfan Meilanlou, Nazanin Safa, Hesam Kalantari, Mehrdad Zamani, Hayedeh Hosseinzadeh, Zahra Roshanzamir, Narges Safamanesh, and Mehdi Ramezanzadeh.

A number of acting students from School of Independent Theater (Panjmak) are acting as the screens enlivened. They are obtaining experience with older actors in the area of professional theater.

The production manager is Ali Yadollah and Akhtar Tajik is the professional photographer in this group.

The composer is Farid Navaie; stage designer is Reza Mehdizadeh; Costume designer is Zahra BodaghAbadi; Soheila Bajlan is puppet designer and maker and makeup designer is Afsaneh Gholizadeh.

Amir Abedi is the photographer; Javad Arabi is the performance manager; Parisa Fallahzadeh is the poster and brochure designer; Zahra Shayanfar is in charge of public relations; Soheila Aghayari Ros Roshan and Mehrdad Zamani are director assistants; Shaghayegh Aslani and Reyhaneh Kosari are stage managers; Reyhaneh Dini is the costume designer assistant; Saeed Maaroufpour is the stage designer assistant; Mr and Mrs Haddadi from Mantab company have cooperated with the independent theater group in this play.

To bring up a chance for less experienced, a number of students and interested ones in theater are cooperating in stage-managing. Medisa Ghazi, Saba Karimian, Mehrnoush Shasti, Saghar Ahmadi, Akram Hadian, Aterfeh Khani, Kiana Karimi, Kameh Vaziri, Ahmadreza Aghaie, Sina Khodabakhshi, Mona Sharifi and Hamid Khosravi are the ones.

To buy tickets for “Cinnamon Muffins” you can contact tiwal or call 09194346356 to make reservations.

You can visit and Kanoon Instagram @kanoonparvaresh for the latest news and reports.

Kanoon cinema-theater is located on Khaled Slamboli (Vozara) St.


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