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Kanoon Published “Wolf Story”

“Wolf Story” written by William McCleery is published by Kanoon for the first time.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Publish Relations and International Affairs, “Wolf Story” is one of the seven books written by William McCleery who is a film scriptwriter, playwright, university professor and the editor of Princeton University Quarterly.

The story is about a father and his five-year old son, Michael. Michael is clever, and story worm. Michael’s best friend, Estefan, is a story worm and an ardent listener. And, what else?

It is the story of a wolf. Michael always is willing to listen to this story. The story starts one night, at the time of going to bed and it continues over other nights, at sleeping time or going for a walk on the beach or in the park. It goes on through consecutive parts, through motivating skills.

Waldo, the hungry wolf, goes to the hen’s nest to take the rainbow hen. But, Jimmy, the farmer’s son, arrives. Then, what happens is not clear. The boys repeatedly stop the story yet it goes on faster. Though, Waldo cannot have dinner but he has dessert.

The book was published for the first time in 1947 with wonderful illustrations by Warren Chappell. “Wolf Story” is a lovely behavioral pattern for fathers and sons, also for mothers and daughters.

Shahnaz Sa-Ali has translated the book. It is published with official permission by THE WYLIE AGENCY (UK) LTD from Britain and copyright rules.

The book third edition is published simultaneously with the first edition and in 7500 copies. It is 11000 Tomans sold at Kanoon bookstores.

The book is suitable for children above 11.


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