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Imam Ali’s Justice Narrated in “Riding the Wind”

“Riding the Wind” Witten by Mohammad Roudgar is the Story of one of Emam Ali’s Battles Narrated by a Horse for Adolescents

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Amro-ebn Abdoud’s horse is the narrator of the story. He narrates the story since the time he is on the way from Mecca to Yasreb. A while ago, he has heard about a young man who is fighting only for the sake of Allah. The young horse faces some challenges about distinguishing between the vice and virtue. He has been the companion of the most famous Arab warrior, his owner, but his fate may change soon.

Hahjar Salimi Namin has illustrated “Riding the Wind”. It is a narration of Khandagh Battle. Adolescents as the audience of the story hear a different narration of Khandagh Battle. They view the story from a different aspect. They hear the story from Emam Ali’s enemies.

In the middle of the story, the young horse decides to choose between the vice and virtue. Nevertheless, he is not aware of the aftermath.

In part of the book we read, “Amro had changed. It was a while that he had changed. He never talked to me so loudly, in a way that everybody would notice he was talking to his horse. He not only talked to me a lot but also he was inattentive. He was never so anxious. He was no longer the usual rider. He was not the usual Amro.”

 “Riding the Wind” is suitable for adolescents above 11. It is the second edition in 5000 copies.

The book in 32 pages was unveiled towards the end of Iranian year. It can be purchased for 7000 Tomans from Kanoon stores and Book City.


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