“A Shade for the Earth” Kanoon New Novel about Environment

Kanoon Published “A Shade for the Earth” written by Hamid Navaie Lavasani

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “A Shade for the Earth” is a novel about environment about Tehran, a metropolitan city. It is about the days filled with smug and pollution, a fact that Tehranians are suffering from for years. The pollutions that is multiplied after Tehran green belt and gardens in the suburb are demolished.

Hamid Navaie Lavasani who has written many books for children and adolescents pictures a painful reality about the ruining of fruitful and precious gardens of Tehran green belt in the form of an adventurous novel. He talks about an adolescent who got involved in the destruction of the old family garden due to his grandfather’s forgetfulness. He faces some adventures during this period.

In one part of the book one reads: “Those days, when daddy Yousef talked about earth-devouring man, my childish imagination started working strongly. I could see the earth-devouring man as a gigantic ugly creature who picks up the green lands full of trees, tears them to pieces and puts them into his watering big mouth. Then, with his yellow dirty teeth chews them like biscuits, khart khart. At the end, out of being full, he sends out a burp full of dust.

Kanoon has published “A Shade for the Earth” which belongs to the collection called “Today’s Adolescent Novel” in 216 pages with 2500 copies and a price of 30 000 Tomans.

This novel was unveiled towards the end of the Iranian year now available in Kanoon stores and Book City.

 It should be mentioned that Kanoon had published other books by Navaie Lavasani: “Bicycle Ring”, “Space Zero Zone”, “Predictor”, and “Dreamer”.  


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