“Hey, Get to Know Your Friends”, a play by Adel Bezdoudeh was Screened Online

“Hey, Get to Know Your Friends”, a theater-movie written by Mansour Khaladj and directed by Adel Bezdoudeh produced at Kanoon Theater Center in 1999 was displayed at “Showing Shows” site.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the play is the story of a camel that falls behind the caravan and faces a wolf and a fox in the jungle. Playing tricks on the camel, the fox and the wolf take him to the lion. After some happenings, the lion starts having a good opinion of the camel but the wolf and the fox are not satisfied. They are making plans to kill the camel…

Based on the news, the play “Hey, Get to Know your Friends” is produced with the technique of combining human beings and dolls designed and made by Bezdoudeh with cooperation of Alireza Hosseinpour, Mohammad-Reza Shamlou, Niloufar Rafie, Sima Rastgaran, Leili Shirmard and Meidokht Molavi.

Based on this, Mehrdad Ziaie, Arash Sharifzadeh, Kambiz Amini, Sharareh Salim Bayat, Mehrdad Mohtashami, Mohammad-Reza Taghipour, Narges Sadeghi, Shaghayegh Ahmadi, Mehrsa Sabeti are puppeteers in this play.

While Hassan Dadshekar is the light designer, Soufia Mahmoudi has versed the songs, Amir Sabeti is the set designer, Ramin Rouholamini is the composer, Azizeh Asadi and Omolbanin Rouzbeh have made the costumes in the play.

Those interested can watch the film until November 20, 2020 at http://th.kpf.ir/


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