Online Display of “Hassani is a Champion”

Theater-movie “Hassani is a Champion” designed and directed by Adel Bezdoudeh produced in 2003 at Kanoon Theater Center is displayed at “Showing Shows” site.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this puppet theater is based on a piece written by Keyvan Eghbali-Gouran produced at Kanoon Theater Center. 

“Hassani is a Champion” is the story of a village brave and sharp kid called Hassani who is ready to save his father “Uncle Shepherd” after the crow tells him that the wolf has attacked the cattle and captured his dad. On the way, so many things happen to him.  

In this play, Naser Ahmadifar, Ali Afshari, Parinaz Aleagha, Sara Eghbal, Sheida Asghari, Neda Vaghei, Saeedeh Aram Mousavi, Shagheygh Nazempour, Leila Moien are actors and puppeteers. 

Mohammad-Reza Moien is the composer; Adel Bezdoudeh, Homayoun Salahi, Mitra Rahmani have made the puppets.

Meanwhile, Ali Ansari has cooperated in stage designing and puppets; Esmaeel Abbasi is the photographer in this play.

Based on this, Hassan Dadshekar is the light designer; Mitra Rahmani is the costume designer; Parviz Mahallati is poster and brochure designer; Saeedeh Araam Mousavi is the poet in the play. Alireza Hosseinpour and Mohammad-Reza Shamlou have made the decoration and Ali-Akbar Golkar Parvin has recorded sound, picture and has done the editing; Maraam Khadem Hosseini is the director assistant and stage manager. 

“Hassani is a Champion” was staged in 9th International Puppet Festival, Tehran-Mobarak. To felicitate a life time of endeavor and aesthetic realization of stage and puppets, the festival statuette and honorary diploma was given to Adel Bezdoudeh.  

The interested can watch this film at “Showing Shows” site until November 20, 2020 at the following address:



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