Online Screening a Play with the Theme of Nature and Drought

In the form of “Showing Shows”, theater-movie “Water and Others” written and directed by Alireza Nasehi is displayed through Kanoon site.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the play is selected by City Theater Workshop admired at “Ishara, New Delhi” Festival, India.

In the summary of the play, we read: “Mr. Sole is looking for water for his plant but it is time for drought and Mr. Sole has to set out on a trip.”

Based on the report, Homa Khodajouy, Mojdeh Zakariyapour, Farshad Farhadpour, Shima Montazeri, Alireza Nasehi and Morteza Hassani are the puppeteers.

Ali Khodajouy has designed the poster of the play, Moslem Rezaie has designed the light, Ehsan Farhadpour is the executer for light and sound, Talieh Tarighi has designed the puppets and Homa Khodajouy has made the puppets and accessory.

Water and Others, written and directed by Alireza Nasehi

“Water and Others” has obtained the award for the best puppet making and puppeteering; it also has won the award of the play selected by the audience at The 22nd International Children & Youth Theater Festival, Hamedan. It was nominated for the award in the directing section of the year, music and play.

Those interested can watch the play through “Showing Shows” site: until November 20, 2020.

Water and Others, written and directed by Alireza Nasehi


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