“The 11th Step” Won the Award for the Best Film from 14th Lublin Film Festival

The 14th Lublin International Film Festival, Poland, ended while “The 11th Step” directed by Maryam Kashkoulinia managed to obtain the prize of Children section from this art event.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “The 11th Step”, is a Kanoon production in 2018 based on a book written by Susan Taghdis.

“The 11th Step” had already won the prize of the best film from Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forli; Italy, the Golden Butterfly and Honorary Diploma of the best short animation from Esfahan International Children and Youth Film Festival.

Based on the news, films entered the competition section of Lublin Festival in two sections of short and feature films. The short film section is divided into seven sections. Children section is one part of the short film section of the festival.  
Lublin International Film Festival was established in 2007 and changed into one the biggest art events in Lublin. The organizers care about the high quality of films, characterization, creating space for artistic development of young writers and filmmakers.

The 14th Lublin International Film Festival was held online from November 23rd to 28th, 2020 in Lublin, Poland.

It is reminded that “The 11th Step” has had 11 international presence in prestigious international festivals so far.


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