At Kanoon Cinematic Affairs: “Ten Years of Age” Completed

“Ten Years of Age”, latest short animation by Kanoon Cinematic Affairs, is going through the last stages.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Fatemeh Jafari, the director, started making this twenty-minute animation in 2018. It is going through editing and dubbing. It will complete in Autumn, 2021. Kanoon is the producer.

“Ten Years of Age” is about a boy living with his father in a faraway jungle. One day, the boy’s father traps a duck to end his son’s loneliness. The boy and the duck come to know each other gradually until unwanted events change the boy’s views towards the world surrounding him.

According to animation makers, “Ten Years of Age” is based on the relationship between a child and the nature. Based on what the story calls, all scenes and main ingredients of the film are natural like wool, felt used to make the characters, using various types of trees in Tehran and North of Iran, stone, soil, natural leaves to make houses, the jungle) to transfer the aesthetic feelings to the audience.

The film script is a joint work by Fatemeh Jarari and Mani Kashian. Kashian has done the art designing and filmography of the animation, too.

Hamid Reza Barkhordari has made the decoration; Helia Gharagozlou has made the dolls and Mohammad Rahim Bakhatiari has done the armature making of the dolls and has done the professional consulting of the project. Soroush Dianati has done the image combining and special effects. Mohammad Reza Alimorad has done the editing and Maziar Younesi has composed the music for this twenty-minute stop motion.


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