“Sprayer” Continues to Attend International Festivals

“Sprayer”, the last animation made by Farnoush Aabedi and produced by Kanoon, still is attending at festivals abroad.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, it can be mentioned that  “Sprayer” in its latest international presence, has participated at the 4th International Film Festival of Cape Deserts, USA; the 3rd Ignite International Film Festival at UK; the 9th International Festival of Noidentity in Spain; the International Animation Festival of Animare in Italy; the 16th International Festival of Fantasy Films of Grossmann in Slovenia; and the 4th International Film Festival of Three Acts of Goodness in Taiwan.

This animation, Kanoon latest product, is about a land where the growth of any kind of flowers and plants is prohibited; an army called "Sprayer" is responsible for maintaining and hunting plants and those who take care of them. The story has a science fiction atmosphere; a destroyed city encounters the Utopia. In this ruined city, there is a no so bright future; the life path of one of these soldiers changes after meeting a small plant.

It should be mentioned that “Sprayer” was nominated for the best short film, the best animation, the best producer and the best film at Ignite International Film Festival.


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