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Publish Date: 23 January 2024 - 11:59
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“Being Ten” Made Way to Black Movie Festival, Switzerland

“Being Ten”, an animation directed by Fatemeh Jafari and a Kanoon production in 2023, made way to the competition section of Black Movie Festival, Switzerland.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Being Ten” is supposed to compete with films from Mexico, Korea, Spain, Equators, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Japan, Poland, India, USA, Germany, Denmark, and Vietnam to receive the one-thousand Swiss Franc prize.

Based on the festival secretariat announcement, this animation is supposed to be screened on 20, 24, and 28 January 2024.

Kanoon has participated in the previous rounds of Black Movie Film Festival with the following films:

A New Suit for Wedding, Break time, Bread and Alley, The Traveler, Two Solutions for One Problem, First graders, Where is the Friend’s House?, Jewel Mountain, The Purple Crayon, Flower Storm, Once a Crow…, The Sparrow and the Boll, A raven who wants to be the most powerful, The Sprout, Flying Grandma, Dream, Sidewalk, A precious pal and a delicious bud, The Cunning Tailor and the Young Man, Simple Things, The Trees Thief, Camel and Miller

Black Movie Festival was established in 1991. It selects the selected works from Author Cinematography and Independent Movies at various sections.

Among various competition sections of this festival, the critique award section, adolescent award, children award and children jury award can be named.

The goal of holding this festival is being in harmony with contemporary cinematography registered in today's social and aesthetic realities.

The 33rd Black Movie Film Festival is held from 19 to 29 Jan 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland.


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