• Reading a Borrowed Book under the Moonlight

    Mohammad Naseri Fard, Archeologist, and a Kanoon Old-Timer

    Reading a Borrowed Book under the Moonlight

    At the time when a pomegranate tree stick was the language of education, Kanoon instructor takes the kid’s cold and icy hands in her kind hands and sits him on the chair next to the heater. Without the kid’s name being registered as a member. The coach first selects the page titled “Kindness” form the book of “Love and Cognition” and then with a smile asks the child why he is there in the library. The coach’s kind treatment has settled in Mohammad Naseri Fard’s soul and spirit in a way that after more than 50 years this Iranian archeologist, university professor, author, translator, and researcher still remembers Mrs. Effat Mashayekhi with utmost respect.