“Ocean behind Window” filming is coming to its end/ Kanoon introduces a successful filmmaker

The producer announced that with end of technical procedures, the film is prepared by August 9th 2019.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Seid Jalal Chavoushian, the producer of “Ocean behind Window”, said, “We are going through the last days of filming in Gheshm Island, meanwhile technical procedures for the film is going on. Babak Nabizadeh is the director of “Ocean behind the Window”.

He announced that, “Ocean behind Window will be prepared up to August 9th 2019.

Chavoushian gave some explanations about pre-production duration, and production of the film. He said, “We spend 6 to 7 months, one month post-production, and 50 days on filming.”

 “Ocean behind Window” producer about the quality of the film said, “Many of stage staff and some others who have seen some plans of the film were surprised. Although, it is Nabizadeh’s first film, but he has been having the experience of movie assisting for outstanding film directors such as Naser Taghvaie and Majid Majidi for 20 years. He has made some short movies.  To tell the truth, we did not expect this type of outlook and capability for his first feature film.

He emphasized that, “I am sure that Kanoon is introducing a successful filmmaker with Ocean behind Window.”

Chavioushian at the end of his words appreciated Kanoon managers for supporting the process of film production. He said, “If Fazel Nazari, the managing director, Hossein Rabbani, the assistant production, Mohammad Reza Karimi Saremi, the cinema director general, and Habib Ilbeighi, Farabi Foundation vice chancellor, had not supported Ocean behind Window, it would not have been made.”


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