“Ocean Behind Window” Selected as the Best Youth Film in Esfahan Festival

Feature film “Ocean Behind Window” directed by Babak Nabizadeh won three awards in Esfahan 32nd International Children and Youth Film Festival.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Ocean Behind Window” managed to win one Golden Butterfly, one main prize and one honorary diploma in various sections of the festival.

Golden Butterfly for best youth film and the main UNICEF prize (United Nations Children's Fund) were given to Babak Nabizadeh, author and director for “Ocean Behind Window”, honorary diploma for the best actor was given to Mohammad Azadi for acting in this film.

The prize for the best film by “Portrayal of Hope” section from National Convention on the Rights of the Children in International Affairs was given to Seid Jalal Chavoushian the producer and Babak Nabizadeh the director of “Ocean Behind Window”.

Meanwhile, the prize for the best film from “Portrayal of Hope” section was given to Babak Nabizadeh by Esfahan municipality, the prize for the best actor including an honorary diploma and a bicycle were given to Mohammad Azadi the actor for “Borhan” by Esfahan Urban Transportation Organization for promoting cycling culture and business creating.

“Ocean Behind Window” is the story of “Borhan”, the smart adolescent, who lives in a village on a faraway but very beautiful island in which people have hard life. He gathers a group of tourists and takes them to beautiful spots of the island. He plays pop music and performs plays for them. Life flourishes and more tourists come to the island. But, there is a big problem on the way…


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