“With What?” introduces working tool to children

Mahin Javaherian, the director of “Whit What?" produced by Kanoon, said the theme of the animation is to introduce various skills and tools to children.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, about the theme and age category of the audience Mahin Javaherian said, “With What?" is for age category of 3 to 6, it means kids. The theme of the animation is introducing tools for various jobs to children in the form of songs, music and rhythm.”

She said, “I have worked for years for children. My previous work, “Golden Top Knot” was successful. “Whit What?” is my second experience in making animations for children.

She said the technique used is computer cutout.

In this six-minute animation, certain tools for constructing house, gardening, sewing, and shoemaking are introduced in the form of songs, poems and music.

Mahin Javaherian not only has directed this animation but also she has done the graphics for it.  Samaneh Fazlollah Asadi has done the storyboarding and story railing,  Houshang Moein has done the background and Pejman Firouzbakht has done the rigging.

Animators are Negar Zanjanizadeh and Pejman Firouzbakht, Mohammad Naseri is the editor, Changiz Sayyad is the sound engineer.

It should be mentioned that Manhin Javaherian has directed “Golden Top Knot”, “Hajar’s Wedding”, the collection called “Wedding Party” that includes: “Amaranthine”, “Wheaten, Wheaten”, “The Bridal Veil” and “The Moth’s Wedding”. Kanoon is the producer.

“With What?” was introduced last in Clermont Ferron international film market, in 2020, France.


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