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 “Day of Results” is Publishes

“Day of Results” a novel by Ghobad Azar Ayeen is the story of teenaged sister and brother who narrate the story of their life.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this novel is from the collection of Novel for Today’s adolescents written by Ghobad Azar Ayeen published for the first time.

“Maryam” and “Yadgar” are sister and brother who have a traditional family. The father has no role in the story. They start the story with their mother, friends and neighbors in two chapters.

Yadgar, who is younger, starts his narration by talking about going to school to get his results. Now, he has a long summer ahead and must do something to spend the long days.  But, Maryam starts her story since the time her father decides to go to Kuwait. “Then he promised not to stay long. He said he would come back when he saves enough. He said why I am as able as my town mates who have gone there and has made a lot. Then he recalled some names that we knew, some were relatives. Daddy said it has long been said that you start then god will help you.”

 “Day of Results” is for children above 15. It pictures Iranian family and life in Iran. It displays the cultural structure of Iranian family. The author in two different chapters expresses adolescents’ girlish and boyish outlooks and the challenges they face.

It should be mentioned that Kanoon published the book in 56 pages, with the price of 8000 Tomans and in 2500 copies.

You can buy the book from Kanoon stores and Book City.


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