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Publish Date: 8 July 2020 - 12:40
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Kanoon Published “The Thread Doll”

Kanoon published the picture book “The Thread Doll” written and illustrated by Mahboubeh Yazdani for children.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the book belongs to the collection called “Little Bird”. It familiarizes children with the world of handmade dolls and puppets.

It is the story of a little girl, Sara, who gets interested in puppets after watching a puppet show. Sara’s mother makes a doll for her and Sara begins the play. However, after the doll’s threads get tied, Sara’s challenge and her doll starts.

In part of the book we read: “When Sara was going to start the show, the doll’s thread got tied. The doll screamed, “Ups, my hands.., oh my hair…, ouch my feet..”. Sara got upset. The doll, too, got sad and short-tempered. Finally, the doll said, “Oh…I am exhausted…exhausted and bored.”

 “The Thread Doll” is written with the aim of making children curious and producing a sense of searching in them. The book is for Pre-school children, above 4.

It should be mentioned that “Little Bird” series helps Pre-school children to know and feel the world around them better through stories, games and entertainments.

The 28-page book, “The Thread Doll”, is published in 2500 copies.

Those interested can buy this book for 12,000 Tomans from the Kanoon stores and the stores of cultural products.


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