12th Tehran International Animation Festival is Held in 2022

Due to coronavirus pandemic, 12th Tehran International Animation Festival is held in 2022.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this international event was supposed to be held at Kanoon Center for Cultural/ Artistic Creation in March 2021 but due to coronavirus pandemic, it is postponed to be held next year. 

This happens while the 12th festival has been widely welcomed by Iranian and foreign animators in a way that 1600 animations from 84 countries have arrived at the  Permanent Secretariat of the event out of which 550 works belong to Iranian artists and 1060 to foreign artists. 

The festival secretariat has given the following explanation regarding the postponing of the festival:concerning not so much successful experiences of holding virtual cinema events in the world, the importance of respecting copyright and copyright law by Kanoon and at the same time paying attention to film screening standards, we refuse to hold the festival virtually and try to hold this festival in 2022.  

This secretariat reminds that Kanoon is provided with a collection of the best animations from all over the world, while two volumes of special professional books are being edited, and special meetings were scheduled.


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