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Publish Date: 26 February 2020 - 09:06
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Kanoon Published “Any Questions?”

Kanoon has published “Any Questions?”, a recent book by Marie Louise Gay, Canadian author and illustrator, for the first time.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Any Questions?” is one of the most recent books by this author published in 2014. Kanoon has published the book following copyright rules and permission of Ground Wood Book Publications, Canada. Mahboubeh NajafKhani has translated the book.

“Any Questions?” is the author’s endeavor to answer those children’s questions who want to be authors. Louise Gay visits many children and teachers every year. She holds workshops. The outcome of these visits and workshops made her to write a book in which she answers children’s questions.  A book full of adventures who helps children to learn how to write a story.

On the back of the book we read, “Marie Louise Gay has created a story in another story by her pencil designing and paintings, water color and collage that may answer your questions. Questions like how a good idea comes to our minds when we are not expecting it or how sometimes words come from an unknown spot and ask us to write them.”

With her lost polar bears, flying dinosaurs, speaking trees and dotted snails and with some of her favorite characters of her books, Marie Louise has created a world in which children can be part of it and let their imagination fly in a crazy way.

This book has won “Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award” for the best illustration, Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable (VCLR) Award, Quebec Writers' Federation for Child and Adolescent Literature Award, TD Canadian Children's Literature Award, and standard literary prize for illustration. “Five Major Art Events” has selected “Any Questions?” as the best book of the year

Mahboubeh NajafKhani is the translator of “Any Questions?”. The book is for children above seven. The price is 25000 Tomans and published in 60 colorful pages.

It should be mentioned that Marie Louise Gay is a 67-year old Canadian author and illustrator. She has published 60 books for children and adolescents in English and French.


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