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Publish Date: 8 February 2020 - 09:17
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Kanoon Published “Am I Sleeping or Awake?”

“Am I Sleeping or Awake?” written and illustrated by Samaneh Salavati is published by Kanoon.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the book “Am I Sleeping or Awake?” from the collection “Tales of the Little Hen” is published for the first time.

The author has used the technique of two stories in one. The first story is unfinished in the middle of the book and the second story starts from the end of the book and gets to the middle of the book and the end of the first story.

It is the story of a girl called “Gishou” who loves cats.

One night Gisou has a strange dream and screams: “Am I Sleeping or Awake?”. The second story is the story of a chubby white cat who loves playing. One day, the pretty cat of the story, saw a strange thing, the same thing she wished, but she was not sure if she is sleeping or awake?

Read the book once from the beginning to the middle and once from the end to the middle to discover the story of Gisou and the chubby white cat.

 “Tales of the Little Hen” is a collection of books that accompanies games, entertainment and illustrations with texts to enhance children various competences. They help children to feel and recognize the world around them better, to view the world with more curiosity and grow up with more sensitivity and investigation. It rears their mind and grows the power of thinking in them.

This book is suitable for children above four. It is published in 2500 copies and sold at 15000 Tomans.

The book is in 32 pages and recently unveiled. It is at hand at Kanoon stores all over Iran, also in Book City.


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