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 “Houses” a Book for Group storytelling is Published

If you are willing to read different books, books for which you are not only the readership, you must get Kanoon collection of “Tales of the Little Hen”. Kanoon has recently published the 43th book of the series titled “Houses”

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Taravat Jalali Farahani has written and illustrated “Houses” which is the 43th book from the collection called “Tales of the Little Hen”. Kanoon interactive books as books for the group are published for the first time.

As the author has explained at the beginning of the book, it is a story without a text with various illustrations from some houses connected with the presence of a ginger cat in all houses. Therefore, “Houses” is a book that must be discovered by the readership.

At the beginning of the book we read, “Let’s tell stories together. We may be fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, coaches and the like. We can tell stories with our kids. Telling stories opens the path of speaking and dialogue. Dialogue leads to listening, judging, critical thinking, and creative thinking. “Houses” is a story without a text. Yet, at the heart of the book, on every page, there is a house that has a story. There is a story in every house.

In the preface, the author has written, “We can sit next to each other and go with the cat in the book. We can go from house to house and tell the story of each house. In every reading, we can discover new points and by relying on it, tell a new story.”

 “Tales of the Little Hen” is a collection of books which accompanies game, entertainment, and illustration with the text to improve children’s various competences. It helps children to feel and to know the world around them better, view the world with more curiosity and grow up with more sensitivity and investigation. These books helps rear their mind and the power of thinking.

“Houses” is published in 2500 copies and sold in 8000 Tomans. It can be found in Kanoon stores, also in Book City.


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